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David Cronenberg’s terrifying new film,


Sleazy lowlife Max Renn (Bradley Cooper) runs an Internet streaming site, and when looking for new material to show, he discovers a snuff broadcast called COVID-eodrome.  But it is more than an Internet show—it’s a terrifying experiment that breaks the fourth wall into “unreality TV,” spreading a deadly pandemic among unwitting viewers.  Max’s sado-masochistic girlfriend, Nicki Brand (Lady Gaga), decides to travel to Pittsburgh, where the show is based, to audition.  Max investigates further, and through a video by the Internet prophet Conner O’Virus (Conan O’Brien in a cleverly macabre piece of stunt casting), he learns of a global conspiracy that gives the phrase “computer virus” a whole new meaning.  Before you can say, “Who was that unmasked man?,” Max is caught in the middle of the forces that created COVID-eodrome and the forces that want to control it, his body itself turning into the ultimate Petri dish.  Never has Cronenberg’s unique form of “body horror” been used to timelier effect than in this gruesome thriller ripped from the international headlines.

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